The National Intelligence Alumni Association (NIUAA) is the newest component of the National Intelligence University Foundation established in 2015 to develop a passionate, sustainable, and effective community of alumni in support of the university and each other.

Featured Alumni (Partial List)

  • Jerome Johnson, ADM, USN (ret), Class of ‘63
  • Jack Leide, MG, USA (ret) Class of ‘67
  • Edward Shaefer, RADM, USN (ret) Class of ‘67
  • William O. Studeman, ADM, USN (ret), Class of ‘67
  • Paul Menoher, LTG, USA (ret), Class of ‘69
  • Marsh Evans, RADM, USN (ret), Classof ‘70
  • Michael DeLong, LTG, USMC (ret) Class of 74
  • J. “Mike” McConnell, VADM USN (ret) Class of ’71
  • Michael DeLong, LTG, USMC (ret) Class of 74

  • Tom Wilson, VADM, USN (ret) Class of 75
  • Kevin Cosgriff, VADM, USN (ret), Class of ‘77
  • Jeff Kimmons, LTG, USA, (ret), Class of ‘79
  • Michael V. Hayden, LTG, USAF (ret) Class of ’80
  • Robert Murrett, VADM USN (ret) Class of ’81
  • John Custer, MG, USA (ret), Class of ’62
  • John Allen, GEN, USMC (ret) Class of ‘84
  • Jack Dorsett, VADM USN (ret), Class of ’84
  • David Lacquement MG USA (ret) Class of ‘85

  • Terry Roberts, Class of ‘85
  • Brian Keller, BG, USA (ret) Class of ‘86
  • John Halinski, Class of ’87
  • Terry Ryan, Class of ’87
  • Michael Decker, Class of ’87
  • Frances Fleisch, Class of ‘88
  • Richard M. Lake, Maj Gen USMC (ret) Class of ‘88
  • Keith Masback, Class of ‘97
  • Eliot Jardines, Class of ’00

Please contact the Alumni President ( or Secretary ( for more information or if you have any questions.