About the Foundation

Established in 2011, the National Intelligence University Foundation is a nonprofit corporation affiliated with the AFCEA International. The Foundation is organized under the Non-Profit Corporation Act (D.C. Code, title 29, Chapter 3, as amended) for public and charitable purposes.

The mission of the Foundation is to:

  • Foster, encourage and promote the educational, scientific, literary, and charitable purposes of the National Intelligence University (NIU);
  • Promote philanthropy in support of the NIU;
  • Provide advice and counsel to the President of the NIU regarding matters affecting the NIU and advancement of the NIU’s mission;
  • Engage in and carry on any other activity in any manner connected with or incidental to, or calculated to promote, assist, aid, or accomplish any of the aforesaid purposes.

The National Intelligence University Foundation, and its component Alumni Association, is committed to supporting to the National Intelligence University, its graduates, and its friends.  The Foundation’s motto is “Nurturing Intelligence Professionals and Strengthening National Security through Education.”