NIUAA Welcome Letter


“The Alumni Association will provide a mechanism to channel the positive energy, goodwill, and resources of our alumni, with a mission to develop a passionate, sustainable, and effective community of alumni in support of the university and each other.”- Inaugural Alumni President, James-Christian Blockwood, Class of 2007

NIUAA Official Pic

Fellow Alumni,

We are pleased to announce the formal establishment of the National Intelligence University (NIU) Alumni Association (NIUAA) in partnership with the National Intelligence University Foundation (NIUF). NIU President Dr. David Ellison and NIUF Chairman Mike McConnell both pledge their support for the Alumni Association. The Association operates within the NIUF which is a tax exempt 501(c) (3) designated organization and membership is open to all alumni, faculty and staff associated with the University.

We want an Association that adds value to the NIU Community and enriches the Alumni experience. Our core values include fellowship, accountability, and transparency. These are principles we each commit to and will reflect how we represent ourselves, the University and the Alumni Association. We realize that to achieve our goals we must start one step at a time. The Board would like to start by reconnecting with Alumni.  This is an important first step and will allow us to better serve the Association.

NIU alumni includes students who have participated in all university programs, including but not limited to those who have attended degree programs, certification programs, and courses and programs sponsored by NIU. The newly appointed NIUAA Board of Directors seeks to build on these individual successes.  We aim to build a community for Alumni to stay updated on the latest news, participate in events, and connect with each other to advance our careers or personal endeavors.

Since 1963 NIU Alumni have been instrumental in advancing Intelligence Community capabilities and ensuring our nation is prepared for critical national security needs and emerging challenges. Personal commitment and financial support is necessary to continue to support the education of intelligence professionals.

We hope you join the Association and support our efforts. It is truly an honor to be part of a unique institution with a deep history and offers an experience unlike any other institution of higher learning in the world. It is our privilege to serve as NIU’s inaugural Alumni Association Board of Directors. We look forward to working with each of you throughout the year to build long-lasting relationships and represent our alma mater with pride.

Join the Alumni Association now!