NIU Full-Time & Part-Time Degree Programs Eligible for JDA Credit

On 24 October 2019, the Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Human Capital granted joint duty assignment (JDA) credit to Bachelor of Science (BSI) graduates, as well as Master of Science graduates that matriculated as part-time students. Pursuant to ICPG 660.1, Intelligence Community Civilian Joint Duty Program Implementation Guidance, 24 July 2015:

  1. This eligibility is retroactive to 29 August 2011, when the National Defense Intelligence College transitioned to the NIU, for all IC personnel at or above the GS-13 grade or equivalent.
  2. This eligibility is retroactive to 30 January 2013 for all IC personnel at the GS-11 and GS-12 grades or equivalent.

Receiving joint duty credit may not be automatic. If you meet the ICPG criteria for JDA credit, inquire about the process for submitting a JDA credit claim within your home organization.